Microsoft Buying Mojang

Microsoft is buying Mojang for a whopping $2.5 billion. This is to get their hands on the Minecraft empire. Some players are unhappy about this arrangement. I doubt that Notch is sweating it. He is making out with a boatload of cash. Plus from his posts, it seems like he is tired of being the Minecraft poster boy.

What I really want to know about this deal is whether it is just the purchase of the Mojang company, or if Notch is also selling the rights to Minecraft. He holds the IP and leases it to Mojang each year. If he continues to receive the licensing fees from Microsoft on top of his share of the $2.5 billion, then this is the most epic win.

I personally could never get into Minecraft. Had some problems downloading it to my PC. The mobile version worked better for me. But after running around in the Minecraft world for a while, I failed to see the excitement.

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