Adventure Creation with Twine

Live has been very hectic this year. Did not get to participate in the 7DRL rogue-like game building contest. Damn. I have been doing them for 5 or more years religiously. Oh well. Better luck next year.

I do read a lot even though I am busy. Just saw a post on how to make an adventure using Twine. "No programming necessary." I downloaded the program. It was 43M in size. The user interface is quite minimal. I tried following the instructions on the post. Was able to create locations. But I could not for the life of me figure out how to link my spots together.

Then it dawned on me. You need to create links by surrounding text with your location names in double braces. So if you wanted to link to a spot called Start, you type this in the description of a location: [[Start]].

All that seems simple now that I know how to do it. But the tutorial I was reading only showed a picture of the link. It did not explain that in English. All right. Now I can make a choose your own adventure game without programming.

The good news is that Twine outputs HTML. Now if I could only figure out how to upload the HTML to my new web hosting provider, I will be good to go!

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Luke Codewalker said...

Depending on what your goals are you might want to investigate Ink from Inkle.