Word of Recall

I am down deep in the dungeon. Have fought some good battles. My inventory is chock full. Time to use my Word of Recall scroll to teleport up to town. Doh! I don't have any such scrolls. Weird. I usually carry at least 5 or 6 of them around minimum. What am I to do?

My initial reaction is to walk straight up to town through the stair cases. But that is going to take too long. I also have no food. Silly me. Okay. Maybe I can search around and find some items that will help me. I don't want to expend all my energy, get hungry, and die.

So I avoid battles with monsters. I also ignore most treasures that I might normally pick up. I start discarding some of the valuable items I am carrying. I find a rod of detecting doors/stairs. But it does not recharge quick enough to find all the stairs I need.

Eventually I find some food. And then some more. The immediate danger is over. I find a lot of scrolls that I have not identified. I wonder if one of them is a Word of Recall. I don't have identify spells to spare. At long last I find a rod, and once identified, determine that is a Rod of Recall. I am saved!

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