Armor Up

My latest Angband character is Cloud. He is a character level 27 Mage. And he has a new problem. The light hounds are blinding him all the time. That prevents spell casting ability, which may lead to death.

The solution was to get a helm of Seeing, which would prevent blindness. However that is easier said than done. I kept visiting the armory. But I had no luck. I started worrying that the old version of Vanilla Angband I was playing did not support helms of Seeing.

While visiting the armory about 100 times, I did purchase some other nice items. I got some gauntlets of Agility that do not inhibit spell casting. I also picked up some boots of Free Action. But there was never any helms of Seeing.

Finally I almost gave up. However I found the prize at the Black Market. There I found a crown of Seeing. Yes. I also got a cloak of Protection. Sure the black market charges a high overhead for items. When you are desperate, it is well worth it. Charge on Cloud.

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