Full Sail University

I saw an ad on my own web site for Full Sail University. It looked interesting. They seem to cater towards game development. The time it takes to graduate is normally half the time of a regular university. They are located down in Orlando, Florida (hello Disney World).

What caught my eye was the interesting and relevant classes they seem to teach. Some of these classes were Windows Programming, Direct X, Open GL, Engine Development, and Optimization. You can get a bachelors degree in either Game Development or Web Design. They also have a masters of Game Design.

Total cost for the masters is around $30k. This works out to $615 per credit. You can graduate in just 3 semesters. The total cost for the bachelors program is $76k. Ouch. It is around $535 per credit. This program takes a little over 5 semesters to graduate.

You can start any month. They have about 12k students attending now. Full Sail does offer campus tours. They also have an online program. In general I do not recommend online classes. And they offer individual courses on a case by case basis. Might be something to look into.

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