Becoming a Game Programmer

I just read this article on determining whether you have what it takes to be a game programmer. Check out John Ratcliff's post and see what you think. It sounded very harsh. {retty much John sees that there are two feasible paths: software engineer and artist. They are both hard jobs to crack in the game industry. And you got to be one in a million to make it.

Furthermore, there is more bad news. You might hate it if you do get a job in the game industry. The hours are long. The pay is low. You might get canned as soon as you deliver the game. The only goo news about being a software engineer is that it translates to other better jobs.

Ack. What is a game developer to do? Code a game ont the side as a hobby. It is the only way to stay sane in the crazy world of commercial game devlepment.


Krice said...

Commercial developers and companies are just scared of indie developers. The development of free tools makes it easier for almost anyone to create games that will destroy old rules about how you can succeed in the industry.

Minecraft is a perfect example. It's not even a game and it has horrible "graphics", but it made the author a millionaire. Suck that, big commercial companies.

Joseph said...

I thought everything in that article was well known. I find it surprising people need to actually be told that stuff.

Legend of Angband said...

I didn't know it was that rough to break into the commercial gaming world. Yeah I knew it was hard. But to be a software engineer you need you math in order? Oh the poor kids these days to dream of working on the next big commercial game. Dang. I guess indie is the way to go if you want a shot.