Trying to Conceive

Next game I am trying from the 7DRL completed entries is The Conception. At first I did not get the controls for the game. I got a lot of messages stating that I could not move onto myself. What? Then I finally figured it out. Looks like you are a sperm with a tail that extends a couple cells away. You cannot move onto your tail. This is kind of like a snake game, with a very short snake.

Now that I understand the game and the conception bit, I see why the walls of the maze were drawn in some sort of pink color. There are annoying obstacles that move and inhibit your progress. I fought a few enemies along the way. I did like the way the walls of the "dungeon" were drawn in hex shapes with color. That is something a little different.

I laughed at having to fight with the clap. Later in the game, I saw that my tail got smaller when I lost health. That was good because I was not running into it any more. But it was bad because death was near. The mission provided a bit of a chickle as well. You got to "fertilize that egg bro".

This game does not seem that easy. If it was not turn based, I would say it would feel like a low resolution video game.

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