We Have a Winner

I have finished the minimal set of features to declares this year's roguelike entry a success. I made sure instructions come up in the initial messages at the start of the game. Also added some simple help that repeats these initial messages. Put in a number of different monsters. I cheated a bit at the end. There are around 5 different types of dragons.

Towards the end I was really hacking the code. This was not because I did not have enough time. I am finishing about a day and a half early. I just was not in the mood to design the code the correct way at the end. It has been a long week of coding. Now I should probably get back to studying for my XML college class.

Normally you are supposed to write up a new roguelike for the 7DRL and stop. I think I might continue on with this game after the contest. I could clean up some code. There is a lot of refactoring to do. Might even get into some object oriented JavaScript here. However the first order of business is to put this thing up somewhere on the web and officially declare success.

See you at the finish line.


Joseph said...

Congrats! Mine is in a 'winning' state as well, but I'm going to add the kitchen sink tomorrow.

Legend of Angband said...

Cool. Did you upload your download link already so we can check it out? I see there are only 12 complete so far. Maybe your's is one of them