7DRL Day 1 Progress

I have spent an hour or two starting the coding for my Seven Day Rouguelike entry. Before writing the first line of code, I sketched out what each level of the dungeon would look like on a pad of paper. Some ideas are still under consideration. The first room was initially going to just be a normal rectangular room. But where is the fun in that?

So I instead started out with a triangular room. At first it was not that hard. However the screen is wider than it is tall. So the triangle did not take up the entire width of the screen. I tried making the triangle grow in width at twice the original width. However that causes it to botom out too soon. I am satisfied with having some crooked edges, but making the triangle fit the screen better.

I also added display of the player symbol. The user can move around the screen using some keyboard controls. I am also making sure the player cannot walk through walls. I am going to call it a day. Got a lot of other tasks to work on tomorrow. However I want to get at least two more screens put in there. And maybe start adding some stats to the top of the screen. By Monday I hope to spend a lot of time on the game, and maybe even complete all the room shapes.

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