Playing Rodney

It is about time that all the Roguelike entries should be finished. Now it is time to enjoy the games. I only saw about 10 delcared failures. I guess there are going to be a boatload of games that were finished. First up I tried Rodney. Initially I was a little puzzled on how to proceed. I entered my name. Now what? All I saw was a button to see the leaderboard (high scores).

I ended up playing the "offline version", whatever that means. I got past the name entry screen. There I had to choose one of many special abilities. I went through the first three levels. The ligthing was nice. There was a simplified user input system which had me pressing space for the most common choices.

Funny it seemed that some weapons I wielded must have broke in battle. I encountered a lot of items in the first few levels. Had to already make decisions on whst to drop. Picking up a torch seemed to improve my view. The levels themselves did not appear too huge.

I am not sure what the eventual goal in the game is going to be. Maybe I have to find Rodney who disappeared down there a few years ago. Or maybe my goal will be to find out what my goal is. Either way, I bet I will have fun.


Joseph said...

Been playing it a bit myself. It's nice. Weapons breaking is a core feature I think.

Legend of Angband said...

Rodney might be tops. But there are so many completed games this year. When will there be time to check them all out?