2013 Seven Day Rogue Begins

I have just declared my intention to participate in the 7DRL for 2013. My info has been entered over on the Rogue Temple site, when entries are submitted. This year my game will be called Room Rogue. I plan to focus on drawing dungeon rooms that are something other than plain rectangles. I have sketched out a dozen interesting shapes. Some will be familiar from other roguelikes. Others might be unique.

Since I have been looking for an excuse to use some programming skills I have studied over the past year, I will be writing the game in JavaScript. That means it should run in a browser. Yes. No install program required. I did a 7DRL in JavaScript once before. However I really did not know much about the language back then. So I struggled. Now I hope I can learn a thing or two. And produce a roguelike.

I am a litle behind in school right now. That means I canot spend the whole week coding this game. Got to ensure studies do not suffer. However I do not plan to go into work this week. That would leave no time for the game. As long as I don't spend too much time hanging out with the friends and playing games this week, I should be able to throw down a playable game. Good luck to all entrants. I saw well over 200 entrants already over on Rogue Temple.

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