I See Monsters

Today I implemented some gameplay into my 7DRL entry. First I put up a minimal statistics line on the top of the display. For now it only updates the dungeon level the character is on. I also added hit point regeneration for the player. The only problem is that there is nothing that takes away the player's hitpoints. So the hit points stay constant at the maximum amount. All that is going to change shorty. I am slowly coding up the monster portion of the game.

The monsters are really not all that fun. The implementation seems mechanic, like I have done this before many times. I should just come up with a generic library to handle this. Then I can use that library in the future. For now I have monsters being created. The further you are in the dungeon, the more monsters you will see on a level. The monster now blindly follow the player around the room.

There are some limitations I need to overcome. Right now monsters cannot cross over top of items in the way. They also do not attack the player yet. Likewise the player cannot hit any monsters yet. All this will change soon, maybe even tonight if I get the time and energy. I just want a minimal set of monster logic to provide some obstacle from making the game too easy. The real emphasis of the game is the shape of each dungeon room.

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