Battle Mechanics

Today I shored up the battle code for my 7DRL entry Room Rogue. Previously the player and monster always hit each other when they were close enough. They also previously always were awarded maximum damage. Well no more. I implemented a simplistic battle system. You got to roll a die to ensure a hit. And the amount of damage done is random, based on the maximum amount you can do.

At first I thought I could just scale the damage amounts up uniformly. But this new battle system skewed the difficulty of the game. I found myself getting killed on level 1 too often. So I made the monsters (all orcs at the moment) have a little less maximum damage.

Now I need to allow the multiple monsters on the lower levels to pose a challenge for the player. This means I need to get them to move more intelligently to surround the player. Right now they line up and block access to the player. Then I guess I should also allow the player to level up with experience to get a higher maximum health.

Did I mention that I have not added any color to the game yet? Guess that will have to come through on the last day. That might be a bit difficult. But hey. This is a 7DRL. At least I already added the scrolling messages function.

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