Intoducing the Ellipse

Today I banged out the rest of the screens for my 7DRL entry. The major new geometry that I added was the ellipse. This is an elongated circle. Since the shape is drawn in character blocks, the sides are not smooth. But it is good enough for a roguelike. Having gained the power to draw an ellipse, I drew two ellipses on one screen and called it my Mobius strip.

This kind of looks like a figure eight turned on its side. Or it looks like the infinity sign. I actually read up on some newsgroup posts to see how people draw a circle. Turns out you use the x squared plus y squared is less than the radius squared equation. And here I thought I was going to have to dig into the sin() and cos() functions. That would have worked to. But why add trignometric complexity when a simpler technique exists?

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