Introducing Colors

Now that the basic game mechanics are complete for my 7DRL, it was time to implement some colors. The game was just too boring displayed in black and white. Previously I had heard some complaints about complex roguelikes I have made which lacked colors. Well now I deliver.

I actually hacked together the color generator. When transferring the symbols from memory to the screen, I do a quick translation to wrap everything in something that aligns it to a color based on the symbol. I left all the English text in white. The background is always black. Everything else has its own unique color.

Now I should probably provide some help so the user knows which keys control the movement. Then I might start adding some more monster types. However I am getting close to the icing on the cake. Most of the game is complete. I just need to be careful now not to break anything. In fact, I think I might just make a backup of the working code right now.

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