Room Rogue Tactics

I have wrapped everything up for my 7DRL entry Room Rogue this year. Updated the submission site, entering my download link. I put the thing on my DropBox folder just like I did last year. This should be easy since my file is HTML. Anyone should be able to click the link with a browser, and be immediately playing the thing.

Things start out easy in my game. You just have to bump off a bat on dungeon level 1. However monsters get harder and grow in number as you descend. The key is to level up early, and keep your hit points near maximum. I have super regeneration always turned on. So you gain 1HP per turn.

You know what that means? Run when you are low on hit points. You also get a big time increase in maximum hit points for every character level you achieve. Get yourself up to cLevel 8, 9, or 10, and you will be a wrecking machine. The challenge is that most room are open. So the monsters can gang up on you. You just have to play smart.

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