Curiosity is Complete

I downloaded this app called Curiosity some time ago. It is a massive cube whose surface you need to click to expose what is underneath. The only redeeming quality about it was that the same cube was worked on by all people who downloaded the app. After clicking for a little while, I deleted the app from my phone.

Turns out the people still playing just finished clicking the last square. One person "won" the challenge. They got a personalized message from Peter Molyneux, the creator of Curiosity. What did this person win? Big time money? A vacation trip? No. They get to be a character in an upcoming game.

LOL. Is this an epic fail or what? All right. There is a little more than that. The person who one gets to make some decisions on how the new Godus game will work. They will also get some slice of profits from that game. I am glad I did not fall for this publicity stunt. Last time I listen to anything Molyneux says.

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