Equipment Choices

Right now I'm playing Angband 3.0.6. This character is Puff the Mage. I had prepared for paralysis by wielding some Boots of Free Action. Then I put Rings of Intelligence (+5) on both hands to up my MP over 200. Things were looking good.

Then I came upon the Boots of Speed (+6). You know I was going to wear them for the speed bonus. However I was now concerned. I no longer had a defense against paralysis. Former characters have discovered the hard way that you normally die when you get paralyzed.

It would have been optimal to have some Gloves of Free Action. Currently I wield no gloves to avoid an MP penalty. I ended up wearing a Ring of Free Action. The tough part of that decision was that my MP dropped about 100 points after removing on Ring of Intelligence. Ouch. I will keep you posted on the further adventures of Puff.

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