Hack and Slash

Previously I had been using my magic spells to combat the enemy in Angband. However I found the Beaked Axe of Hurin. Initially I wielded this weapon for the CON +2 advantage. But I found that once I wielded this axe, and got up to 2 hits per turn, it was time to use the weapon for combat.

I kept finding treasure and selling it in town. That allowed me to buy strength and dexterity potions. I am strong and agile enough to get 2 hits per turn with Hurin. One long awaited item I was able to buy in town was some gauntlets of Free Action.

My only disappointment was finding the Cloak of Thingol. It has a nice +3 to both DEX and CHR. However that cannot compare to my current Cloak Colluin which provides resist poison. So for now, Thingol stays in the closet. I have not sold the cloak though. If I can find another source for resist poison, I shall be putting it back on.

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