Final Fantasy XIII

I was in Best Buy doing some shopping. Stopped by the XBox 360 aisles to see if there were any deals. A friend picked up a game for Kinect that was $40. I saw Final Fantasy XIII and had to get it. The thing only cost me $20.

I informed a friend that I got a great deal. Nope. Apparently you get get the game for $10 elsewhere. Oh well. I got through a few save points in the game. Still on Chapter 1. I actually died once. Your party dies if the leader dies.

I agree that so far the game seems very contrained. You must follow the path and punch through the enemies there. I am still too early in the game to tell. The graphics are hot. The game feels true to the Final Fantasy brand.

Every time I attack and hit, I see the numbers representing the amount of damage I did. Perhaps I should implement something like this in my roguelike game engine.

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