Stair Logic

Previously I had implemented dungeon stairs as a portal to the next or previous level. My game engine just generated a new maze when you climbed the stairs. However that does not mimic real life stairs. When you climb down some stairs, the stairs leading back up are right behind you. Well today I implemented this in my roguelike game engine. I was surprised how easy this turned out to be.

I still have one problem when you climb up or down stairs. It takes a long time for me to generate the new dungeon level. After that long pause, the message that you climbed the stairs is displayed. This is very unresponsive. I tried to immediately display the message. However since my code is so busy with new level generation, the message does not get painted on the screen until after the long wait. Need to find a way around this.

In other news, the dates for the 2012 7DRL challenge have finally been posted. It will happen from March 10th to the 18th. I am all in. Although I still have to attend my college class that week, I have managed to get the week off from work. Hopefully this will give me time to produce a respectable 7DRL game. More on that later.

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