Xbox 360 Setup

I have been sick for a few weeks. So my work on the roguelike game engine has been on hold. I need to get back to it. Finally I am feeling a little better. Perhaps tonight I shall fire up the IDE and knock out some action items.

Today I did put together my Xbox 360 gaming setup. The main TV is too busy for anyone to play our new Xbox 360 with Kinect. So I bought another big screen TV. Just been too sick to clear some space downstairs and set it up. Today I hooked up the Xbox 360. Played some Final Fantasy XIII too.

I am meeting the characters of FFXIII. There is a dude named Snow who seems tough and attacks by punching the opponent most of the time. Then there is some other chick who is scantily clad, and just leans back and sticks her crotch out most of the time. I don't complain too much. She heals other plays often during her turn.

Finally I saw some talk about scheduling the 7DRL Roguelike Challenge for this year. I plan to code up an entry in the Java programming language. With my newly learned skills, I should be a contender.

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