Dodger Becomes Pacman

Today I made some changes to the symbol in my Dodger game. I made everything look like Pacman. Yeah. It might be a bit confusing because this is still a game where you dodge obstacles that fall down the screen. However this puts me ahead of the game when I get around to implementing Pacman.

Things are starting to get out of place in the code. I got one big class that draws everything and controls the movement. Really want to break things up into a few objects. I mean I should have a ghost object, a Pacman object, etc. It will make the cose a lot cleaner I think.

The goal here was just to get practice implementing the game of obstacle dodge. However I would like to come out with some objects I can reuse in future games. I don't think it will take much time to refactor into a couple classes. This is just a repackaging of the method names and where they reside.

Next I am supposed to work on a memory puzzle. You know, the one where you uncover two pieces and try to get them to match. But instead I might jump ahead and make a slider puzzle. That's the one where there are 15 tiles in a big square, with one empty tile. You can slide adjacent tiles into the empty spot. You try to get the 15 tiles in numerical order. Should be fun.

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