We Have a Player

I have been working on a very simple game called Dodger. Previously I just had obstacles moving. Now I added a player symbol. Put up a black background. Added colors for obstacles and the player. The big coup is I got keyboard input working. You can use the arrow keys to move the player left and right.

Next big challenge is to add collision detection. I want there to be a penalty if you crash into an obstacles. This is a dodging game after all. After that I might give the player a couple lives, implement scoring, and we might just have a minimal game on our hands. Go team.


Anonymous said...

out of curiosity, how many lines of java code do you have at the moment? did a very similar game when i learned to use pygame and i was pleasently surprised that the whole game was a mere 95 lines of code.


Legend of Angband said...

I am at 150 lines of code right now. I am rolling everything on my own. So I expect there to be a lot of lines of code.