Game Clone Overload

Previously I decided I wanted to write a clone of Pac Man. Sounded legit. But now I think that may have been too ambitious a project. I start school in a week and a half. Wanna get something completed before school demands become too high. Therefore I have reverted back to coding a game called Dodger.

I got the idea from reading a post by Al Sweigart. He is the author of some books about writing games with Python. Al recommends you write a lot (50+) of simple games to learn game development. The first he recommends is this Dodger style game. Bad guys zoom down the screen and you need to avoid them.

I decided to write my game in Java. This is a good excuse to brush up on my Java GUI programming. So far I have randomly placed the bad guys on the screen. And they move downward. Now I need to put up some symbology for the player. Maybe a space ship? I am looking forward to another idea from Al - writing a snake style game. First things first though.


CaptainKraft said...

It's great to see new game developers working on projects and writing about them. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to make the simple clones right from the start. I had to keep myself interested by coming up with ideas that I found interesting. Keep it up man.

Also, have you heard about One Game a Month? If not, go check out and start posting your games. It's a great place to get motivated.

Legend of Angband said...

Hi there. Yeah. You got to start somewhere. I did not want to get overwhelmed with 3D graphics or anything too heavy yet.

I figure by the time I finish my 50th game clone, the game will be a bit more complex and interesting.

Nah. I never heard of one game a month. Heck. I want to finish this first game in around a week.