Pac Man Fever

Earlier this summer, I learned how to write Windows 8 apps. It was a tough education. Actually learned most of the lessons by reading a book on writing Windows 8 Apps with C#. Translated the ideas to my C++ apps. Created about 10 apps in all. Six of them are now featured in the Windows store. As soon as I get some cash, I am going to put up a nice web site to market my apps. Right now I have some placeholders on a free web site.

Learned how to write Windows 8 Apps took a toll on me. I was staying up late every night. Stopped exercising. Stopped working on projects out in the yard. Pretty much got into a funk. Ever since I completed the apps, I have not been doing much programming. I think I created maybe 1 mickey mouse sized utility in Java. Whew. I need to get back to coding.

Today I decided I would write a Pacman clone. That is a sizeable task. I think I am up to it. Only have a month before the fall semester starts at school. This semester I am taking a tough class (intro to PHP). So I need to knock out Pacman in the next month or so. Baby steps though. First chore is to write the Pacman Level Editor (PLE). This will allow me to draw and save the maze. That will be a cool little tool. I think I shall write it in Java for kicks.


CaptainKraft said...

I've never really considered making a Pacman clone but maybe that's not a bad idea. I usually stay away from making clones because I like to come up with original ideas, but there is so much you can do with the old school game to make it unique.

Also, link up those apps! I wanna see what you've made

Legend of Angband said...

I am starting to get some ideas of my own for a unique game. They are based on my work coding up this dodging game.

Oh my apps were truly minimal. Just wanted to get in on this promotion by Microsoft where they gave you $100 per app.

Here is a link to the best Windows 8 app I wrote: