Herer Comes the Scores

All right now. I added rudimentary scoring to my Dodger game. You get one point for every time the obstacles move and you do not get hit. Yep. That means I implemented some collision detection. At first I thought I would have to check each of the corners of the obstacles to figure out if they bumped into the player. Later that seemed like a waste. I ended up figuring out the region where the upper left hand corner of the obstacle would need to be for there to be a hit.

Where do we go from here? Well if the player hits an obstacles, I just reset the score to zero. I would rather decrement the number of lives the player has. Game will be over when you get to zero lives. Then I will have to use some sexier graphics than just circles and squares. Maybe I could turn the symbology to Pacman and ghosts? Ha ha.

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