Borg Unleashed

I was so distraught with my last character Bizz dying, that I decided to let the computer play for me. Therefore I fired up the Angband Borg. I decided to let the Borg be a Dunedan Mage. The idea was that the Borg would do all the boring work. Then I would take over the character later.

The Borg quickly brought my character up through the character levels. Every once in a while I would stop the Borg and check on the progress. I was most interested in any artifacts the Borg had discovered. At first there were few. Then the Borg started diving down, getting nice treasures.

By the time the Borg reached character level 50, it had great items to spare. Normally I go for the items that give me the highest speed. The Borg chose otherwise. For example, it kept a Ring of Speed +14 at home. I would be wielding that on my finger immediately. The Borg also found at left Ringil at home. Come on. It gives you +10 speed!

In the end, I just let Borg do most of the playing. It dived down to dungeons levels 81 through 99. It strangely spent a lot of time at levels 80 and 81, even when it had gone much deeper previously. Eventually the Borg character died too. I did not feel that bad. The computer did all the work. Now it is time for me to start up another character. Maybe I will not choose human mage this time.

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