You See a Metal Cap

I wanted to dive deeper into the dungeon. However I got a message about this level being lucky. So I decided to thoroughly search the level. I found a lot of evil opponents there. They all fell to my magical offensive.

It was not until I cleared out the last room, which was infested with trolls, that I found a nice treasure. It was the metal cap of Thengel. Bam. I figured I would wield this thing. It would be the first artifact that I would wield.

I went back to town, and found that I did not own a scroll of *identify*. That did not matter. I just bought one for a cool 3k gold in the black market. So I read it, and identified this cap I found. It turns out it increases wisdom and charisma by 3. It also resists confusion. Finally it cannot be harmed by the elements.

In the end, I decided to sell Thengel. It got me a nice 20k gold from Maughlin the Grumpy. I am going to stick with my cap of seeing. That's because I hate to be blinded. None of my other armor protects against blindness.

I shall end talking a little about Thengel himself. He was one of the kings of Rohan. One of his main claims to fame is that he sired Theoden. It seems Rohan has produced some good headgear. I look forward to the day when I locate the helm of King Hammerhand. You will surely hear about it when I do.

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