Human Priest

Once the character played by the Borg was dead, I decided to grow a new character from scratch manually. Normally I choose a human mage. Human is chosen to ensure I can advance quickly. And mage is chosen so I can get the identify spell at character level 11. However this time I wanted to try something different. I still chose to be a human. But I opted to be a priest instead. Thus Holyman was born.

Raising an early priest requires a different tactic. The magic is only supplemental. Battles must be fought like any warrior with hand to hand combat. Luckily you start out with a mace if you chose the priest class. So far I have been using this mace to apply the beat down to opponents. I save up enough gold to enchant the weapon to +10 to hit and damage. A ring of damage +11 helps as well. I find myself using the Bless prayer to gain a +10 to hit when in battle.

There were two discoveries that propelled Holyman into the big leagues. I bought an Amulet of Wisdom +4. Then I found some holy avenger weapon that was also +4 to Wisdom. So now I have a massive 18/80 Wisdom. There is a lot of mana for prayers there. I also have been able to learn all the spells in my spell book that my character level allows. If I could find some more spell books, I have more prayers that I can learn.

I have only found one artifact so far. They are some gloves that speed my regeneration. That comes in handy since my amulet slot is dedicated to the Amulet of Wisdom. I cannot afford to wield an Amulet of Regeneration right now. May the force be with you Holyman. My next goal is to find that spell book that contains the identify spell for priests.

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