Orcist Discovery

I had been diving down into the dungeon lately. But I had not found anything really worthwhile. In other words, there were no artifacts to be found. Then I found a room full of trolls. That took some time to wipe out. My reward? The Broad Sword Orcist.

Now I thought that I might finally wield an artifact. However I did not find this sword compelling enough. My current weapon is a Broad Axe of Westernesse. It gives me extra strength, dexterity, and constitution. All those qualities are lacking in a mage.

I tried to sell Orcist at one of the weapon shops. But the owners were not offering enough gold. I guess they have their limits. For now I shall wait until new owners occupy these shops. Then maybe I shall pawn it off to a dealer. I am impressed by the history of this sword. It was wielded by none other than Gandalf the Grey.

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