Choice of Rings

In Angband, you only have two rings fingers to equip. It is sometimes a tough choice given all the kinds of rings you can find/buy. Initially I gave my character Bizz a ring of see invisible. I hate invisible creatures sneaking up on me and stealing my stuff. This ring gave me a better awareness.

My character is now a level 25 mage. I have two main techniques for battle. I haste myself. Then I cast offensive spells. All of this requires a lot of mana. Therefore I have decided to wield rings of intelligence on both of my ring fingers.

I am severely lucky to have purchased two rings of +5 intelligence each. Now I must confess that I participated in a little scumming to locate the rings. But that is a story for another post. Currently my intelligence is a whopping 18/130. That gives me a Max SP of 155. In other words, my magical ability is plain evil.

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