7DRL Winner's Circle

The results of the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge for this year have been announced. There were a total of 45 challengers (myself included). Of those, 25 were winners. My entry dL1 was listed in the winner's circle. To the left is the challenge medal for this years winners.

It is not impossible to win the 7DRL challenge. You only have one week to code up a game. That part is difficult. But to win you just need to produce a rogue-like game that works and is playable within the week long time period. Don't get me wrong. That is no trivial task. However if you set realistic goals, you can achieve success.

I wonder if I will be around next year to enter again. It is my hope that I would have gained more Java programming skills. Perhaps it is time to study up on different things like level generators, lighting, and monster AI to be prepared. It is all good fun.

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