dL1 Screen Shot

I have started writing some code for my 7 Day Roguelike entry dL1. The outline of the first level of the dungeon is visible. I might have a slight vertical spacing issue to deal with. And I tried making the user appear in the dungeon as an "@", but I had trouble erasing the character. There was also some trouble aligning the symbol at the correct location.

But this is at least a start. Now if I can just solve my spacing issues, and figure out how to erase a character on the screen, we might have a character moving around a little bit. For now I am think I am going to call it a day. I have about 5 days left before the contest is over. That seems a long way to go. At this rate, I will be happy if I get a character running around the dungeon and picking up things.


SZDev - Slash said...

Dont use an applet for output ;)

Legend of Angband said...

SZDev - Slash,

Hey there. I am new to Java. Is an application better than an applet for roguelikes? I don't really understand much of the difference. All the examples from my textbook show graphics using applets. Any details would be appreciated.

- Legend of Angband

SZDev - Slash said...

Yeah, it is much better

However, for the sake of the 7DRL, and if you already handle how to make output on an applet, I guess you'd better go ahead...

...or you may want to check how output is made on libjcsi (self advertising yet again! :))

Legend of Angband said...

Hey I full support self advertising when it results in me being able to reuse code instead of rolling my own.

I just downloaded libjcsi and got the SCBExample to work in 10 minutes. Yee haw. I did not have any such luck with JCurses.

Let's see where this takes me. Finishing the 7DRL may be within my reach now.