Maze Technology

My new game dL1 is progressing slowly but surely. I was stumped for a while about how to make a maze. Even a simple one seemed difficult to implement. I think my problem was that I was trying to do too much all at once.

So I retreated to a room with just a pad of paper and a pencil. I went through the steps of an algorithm to draw a maze. Then I started implementing the algorithm. I did it one step at a time. And before I even finished, the maze looked good enough to declare that some progress was made.

If I had unlimited time, I would fully implement the complicated maze algorithm that I envisioned. However there are only a couple more days to get this program completed. So I think I had better move on to creating some monster opponents for you to do battle with. That also seems very complicated. Now it is time to start breaking that task down to smaller pieces.

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