RogueLike Challenge

This Saturday marks the beginning of the 2009 seven day roguelike challenge. This is a contest for programmers to develop a usable Rogue like game in a total of seven days.

That sounds like quite a challenge. It might take junior programmers more than sever days to get the town level working. Forget about a complete game.

Here is the real crazy part. I am thinking about entering this challenge. I love Angband. And I have often thought about writing a version myself. This might be just the spur I need to get things going.

This is a busy week coming up for me. However every week is busy. To add to the insanity, I thought I might try coding the program in Java. I am in the middle of learning the Java programming language through a college class. Good luck to me. I will know whether I will enter this contest by the weekend.

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