Defender of the Deep

I am checking out other early finishes in the 2011 7DRL contest. Next up is Defender of the Deep. The actual graphics for the dungeon maze are simple but good. I like that empty spaces in the dungeon are just plain black.

Looking at the scrolling messages at the bottom of the screen, I realized how I should have coded up messages in my game. It was nice that some messages were color coded too. I did notice a lot of attacks in the game came with the message that no damage was done. Dang.

One weird thing about the game is that a DOS style box comes up, but you play the game in a second DOS style window that is a bit bigger. The menu system in this game is top notch. It presents you with a list, you press one key, and the choice is made. I am used to Angband where I need to select an item, then press another key to confirm the selection,.

My first attempt at playing the game was somewhat successful. Nice game balance. I don't like games that are too hard. There were many healing potions on dungeon level 1. I picked up a club on dungeon level 2 briefly. It got quickly replaced with a glowing broad sword. Woo hoo. Have not died yet. Now back to the game.

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