Introducing my Roguelike JSRL

I have completed development on my 7DRL entry JSRL. The game is actually not complete. But I have run out of time. The entry should be a win since it was done within 7 days, is similar to Rogue, and is playable.

Today I tested the game with Firefox. It did not work. However I kept at the code until it worked in Firefox. The colors actually look better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer. I also made the message box a horizontally scrolling one.

A major addition I put in tonight was the Big Boss on the bottom level. Well he is actually not that big. He is a giant beetle. But his has a lot of hit points, and can do as much damage as you.

The majority of drive for this game from entering the 7DRL contest. I would like to refine the game, improving it, and continuing to learn more JavaScript. We shall see how much time I can spare for this effort.

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