Vicious Orcs

There were a couple 7DRL entries done and posted to the announcement group before I completed my JSRL game. A nice one I tried was Vicious Orcs. Initially the game was very small in a DOS box style window. The maximize button on the window did not work. Later I found an option to toggle full screen which was better.

Some things in Vicious Orcs puzzled me a bit. At times, locations in the dungeon diagonal to you were not visible. I tried to go in those diagonal directions. But I was prevented. Every time I picked up gold, yellow squares would fall down the left side of the screen and pile like a Tetris.

There were also some cool effects in Vicious Orcs. The screen would slowly fade to black on your death. The app would also move in a direction it thought you might want to go. I would try to go left. It was blocked by a wall, but the app would move me left and down. Sweet.

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