More work on JSRL

After a short hiatus, I have started development on JSRL again. This is the roguelike I entered into the 2011 7DRL competition. Now it is time to complete version 1.1.

At first I am going to go after some low hanging fruit. I will start by allowing navigation with the number pad. That will involve new diagonal moves as well. Then I might internally redo how I draw the maze to the screen. Right now it is very inefficient. I redraw the whole darn thing when something changes. An incremental change will be to redraw the line that got changed.

If I get ambitious, I might try to add an intro screen. Sure I could put some lame text intro screen in there. But I hear you should really rock your user with a cool graphic intro. So let's see how far I get. I will post a link to the new version of the game as soon as I code and test it out.

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