Building a Roguelike

I skimmed through a book on building your own roguelike game. It was free so I thought what the heck. The book covers programming in the BASIC programming language. It also goes into detail of the code for a specific game.

The book recommends you do a nice graphic intro screen. It also states you should use a graphic screen for your game, even if you are displaying ASCII symbols. Here is an idea. Put an easter egg or two in your game.

There are many methods for dungeon generation. You could start with one room, draw a corridor, then draw the next room. Or you could split the screen into quadrants, draw rooms in the quadrants, then connect the rooms with corridors. You could also use a perfect maze algorithm. Look it up.

I had some insights for my own roguelike game while reading the book. For line of sight issues, you can use Bresenham's algorithm. Once again look it up. You can also use the numeric keypad with Numlock turned on for character movement. That way you only need to detect the "1", "2", ... "9" keys for movement. I need to also implement monsters running away when they give up on battle.

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