Beware of Strange Warp Points

I downloaded and ran 7DRL entry "Beware of Strange Warp Points"  (BOSWP) today. This one is a quirky game. There is a whole PDF manual to go through first. Nice touch. The window does not take up the whole computer screen. It is square.

A cool feature of this game is that you have a small viewport to look at close up space in the game, and what looks like a minimal-detail long range map as well. I saw a big D as I warped to different space sectors. Figured it was an ancient dragon. However we were in space. So it turned out to be something else.

This game looks like it might take some time to get good at. It came as no surprise that four people teamed up to produce this game. I was just glad that I had the dot net frameworked installed to run the thing.

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