Slow Start to OL Rogue

I had planned to start working on my 7DRL entry "OL Rogue" tomorrow. However why put it off a day? I got down to business tonight. First thing I did was break out my old PHP textbook. Then I studied one of the problems I solved from the MySQL database chapter.

I fired up my local WAMP server. Created a database and table to hold player information. Then I wrote/modified some PHP code to create a player and login as that player. Had a bunch of bugs from that task. Eventually I got something running on my local WAMP server.

Now I can create characters that have a name and a password. Then I can log in as that character as long as I have the right password. Not sure how secure this code it. Probably not very. But it is good enough since this is just a 7DRL game entry.

Next I will try to push this code up to my real web server.

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