Finishing Touches

Last night I knocked out half of my TO DO list. Today I completed most of the remaining items. I spruced up the previously boring login and game save pages. Most of that was stylying. Added a picture here or there. Then I changed the colors of the main game to improve visibility.

I changed the order in which the dungeon levels are drawn. Before I saved the more complex layouts for last. Why delay? I made the more complex layouts first. I tested out a winning run into the dungeon. Check. After renaming some of my source files, I uploaded the release candidate to my web host.

Since I redid the database schema, I had to fight with PHPMyAdmin once again to get the database to match my new game version. Once that was done, I logged in online and played the version uploaded to my web host. Not sure if I will make any more tweaks. Most likely not. Tomorrow was the last day I planned to work on my 7DRL. I might just publish this version to the world.

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