Making Progress

I continue to work on my 7DRL entry "OL Rogue". Previously I had completed character creation and login. Now I needed to actually run the game based on that character. Since I am concentrating on the PHP and MySQL database portion, I decided to reuse some old roguelike game code.

I needed to figure out how to launch my URL from PHP once the user logged in. Found out the best way to do this is through JavaScript. Man it has been a while since I took JavaScript in college. Next I needed to load all the player stats from the database using PHP. After I got one stat loaded, the rest followed the same pattern.

Now that I can load the player from the database, I have to implement the save to database feature. Currently I have only been testing with records I mocked up in my local database. After I get save working, I think I will push this version of the game up to my web host and call it a week.

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