Going Live

I decided to test my user creation code on my web host. I had to use some web tools to set up the MySQL database there. Did not like that I had to meet the host's requirements for database name. They did make it easy to create a database user that could interact with my database.

Normally I interact with MySQL using the command prompt. My web host makes me use phpMyAdmin. It takes a little getting used to. Had trouble interpreting the results of SQL queries. A nice surprise was that I could use the same code as I did locally as long as I named everything the same on my machine and my web host.

So what do I have right now? I can create characters, and then log in with them on my web host machine. Big deal. Now I need to figure out how to save the state of an existing roguelike game to my database. That is the task at hand for this week. I hope I get something playable done in the next few days.

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