Battle Engine

I have started implementing the battle portion of my roguelike game engine. There are a lot of variables involved. To determine whether you hit a monster, you must take the monster armor class into account. You must also factor in any bonus to hit with the weapon.

Once you do strike a monster, you must determine the damage inflicted. I check the weapon you are wielding. It will do some base damage, along with any bonus damage. And if we are doing damage, the monster must have some hit points.

So far I do not have the monsters fighting back. But that should be the reciprocal activities as when the player attacks the monsters. Of course if the player runs, the monsters will most likely follow. Not sure if I want to add regeneration to the player and monster hit points yet.

So far progress is pretty darn good. I don't know whether my battle system is the exact mechanics done with Dungeons and Dragons. But it is good enough for my game engine for now. The main thing I am testing for is whether the time it takes to kill certain monsters feels right.

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