Message History

Previously my roguelike game engine displayed one line of messages. This meant that when multiple messages were generated around the same time, you could only see the last one. That has been corrected in version 0,03 of my game engine. Now I provide a viewport on screen that shows the last 10 messages.

I also significantly upped the number of rooms in the maze from 60 to 200. Before you could travel the outskirts of the maze and not see too much scenery. The player would get the feeling that the movement keys were not working. Now there are so many rooms that you see them scroll by even when on the edge of the maze.

Finally I experimented with different colors to drzw the maze. My computer is old and is getting some screen burn in. The white on black background seemed to be contributing to the problem. I tried a gray color. But that was too hard to see. I have settled on a light gray color. However I might create and use a custom color that is a little brighter.

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