Initially I had simple symbols in my roguelike game engine. But now I have taken it to the next level. Instead of one display character for weapons, I have different characters depending on the weapon type. The same is true for armor. It took a while to try to classify the different types of weapons. But I think I have it down.

Weapons fall into one of three categories. They can be (1) pole-arms, (2) edged, or (3) hafted. Pole-arms include weapons such as spears, mauls, pikes, and scythes. They also include more esoteric weapons like halberds, fauchards, mauls, and morningstars.

Edged weapons themselves fall into sub-cagtegories likes knives and swords. They also include mechetes and scabbards. Finally hafted weapons are axes, clubs, hammers, whips, maces, and flails.

Next up is improvements to the messaging system. But that is a task for version 0.03.

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