I have only heard about this Skyrim game second hand. My buddy says he sees the commercials on TV all the time. Another friend paid an extra $7 in priority shipping to get the game right away. The real surprise was when I heard people complaining about the game's performance.

Skyrim was written orignally for a console such as the Xbox 360. It was then ported the PC. Apparently some dude did a mod on the PC release to make it upwards of 40% faster. This mod took about a day to create. Customers think this shows either incompetance or negligence from software manufacturer Bethesda Games.

My game-crazy friend is a big fan of Bethesda. If anybody should know who is good, it would be him. I trust his opinion. Sure some hacker might have come out with a speedup. But did he break anything with the hack? And you got to realize that the PC market is just an afterthought. If you want the best performance from the manufacturer, get the console version. I have given up on high performance PC games a long time ago. You should too.

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